We are a full-cycle company and offer comprehensive business solutions for development, integration, and promotion of software and individual turnkey web projects.

We have professional experience of e-commerce and corporate web-projects and well as special projects going beyond the on-line environment.


E-Commerce is a dynamic and highly competitive industry which offers new opportunities for company development. Whether it’s payment instruments integration or development of a stand-alone E-commerce site, it’s all start of a new business, that requires certain resources for stable and safe operation.

We offer development, promotion and support of online stores, auctions and e-payment terminals of any difficulty. Let professionals handle your project.

Corporate projects

We implement corporate business process automation systems and create effective web-projects for small, medium, and major businesses providing them with high level of security while maintaining their openness and availability for the customers, staff, and external partners.

Web-sites and Internet services developed by V-Sage specialists promote the development of corporate management systems, help reach strategic business goals and fulfill the task of external and internal communications development.



  • step by step implementation of a software complex (CRM, ERP);
  • creation of a single corporate informational environment;
  • formation of an integrated system for the management of corporate business processes;
  • system buildup in accordance with the growing demands of the company;
  • project support and follow-up.



  • development of turnkey corporate portals and their integration with the company's informational structure;
  • creation of a web-project market promotion strategy and bringing in target audience;
  • technical support of the portal and provision of its security and stable operation.

Special projects

A successful start of a new product in the market or a launch of a new business often require several promotion channels that complement each other and serve different purposes: attract attention, encourage a customer to learn about a product or company, stimulate purchases, etc.

For example, the development of an Internet store is often followed by its SEO promotion. Moreover, certain promo events take place off-line. Advertisements are placed on billboards and in public transport, or active participation is taken in topical exhibitions and conferences. That is to say, a complex marketing strategy is being implemented, and such a strategy boosts the development of the whole business.

Besides professional development and promotion, our specialists are experienced in planning and implementation of advertising campaigns aimed at the off-line promotion of a single product or brand. We are happy to offer this solution.


  • planning and development of a product/brand/company market promotion strategy;
  • assisting the selection of channels for communication with target audience;
  • implementation of a market promotion strategy both on-line (SEO, SERM, context and media advertising) and off-line (internal and external advertisements, direct mail, etc.);
  • planning, preparation, and organization of promo actions and events;
  • development of advertising materials and their placement in on-line and off-line media, on billboards, and in public transport;
  • development of a brand book and promo products in accordance with it;
  • monitoring and analysis of campaign data.




Our team is comprised of web-development and web-marketing professionals.



We have developed and currently support web-projects in Belarus, Germany, Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and France.

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