Мы разрабатываем прогрессивные решения для различных отраслей бизнеса, используя богатый опыт веб-экспертизы и менеджмента IT-проектов в сочетании с передовыми технологиями.


At the end of 2015 a Customer approached us with a request to create a website builder.

The main request was to enable client specialists to:

  • • form separate website sections and blocks according to preset templates;
  • • fill created pages with information.


First phase of our co-operation relied on our web-expertise experience as we had been designated the role of consultants.

Once we had analyzed website requirements and taken client’s wish into consideration, we prepared the following:

  • • a costs optimization solution during project creation phase - notably, usage of CMS Drupal 7 was suggested;
  • • recommendations for client’s copywriters regarding SEO texts;
  • • development of Technical Design Specification during later stages.

Later on the Customer entrusted us with the development of the project itself. We had taken into consideration previously prepared materials and project deadline and started the development.

The Customer had provided us with the website’s design, but it lacked mobile version, so we created a prototype.

During the design polishing stage we had developed a website section and block builder for the project. Then our team went on to website coding in accordance with our Customer’s requirements. The project was finished in May, 2016. Once the site had been filled with content, we executed website-wide tests and made some performance adjustments.


  • • PHP
  • • Drupal 7
  • • JavaScript
  • • HTML5
  • • CSS3
  • • MySQL


Project turned out to be a simple and convenient to use website. It has a coherent user interface and gives access to required financial information. A customer can use a fully-bodied website sections and blocks builder functionality as well as fill them with information.


A goal to create a modern website builder in accordance with all Customer’s requirements was achieved in June, 2016. Since then we have been providing Technical Support services.


In October 2015 we concluded that our corporate website FIN.BY was in need of an update. We needed a website builder which could be later filled with content and edited by our in-house specialists, without further contractor engagement.

Progressive Soft development team passed the test with flying colours. Our new, updated website was launched In June, 2016. I would also like to state that the development team had been quickly responding to our feedback and tried to find a way to accommodate our requests during arguable points. On behalf of the team I would like to express our gratitude to Progressive Soft for their professional behaviour during communication and project development processes. Keep up the good work!


A Babuk
Partner at

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