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Мы разрабатываем прогрессивные решения для различных отраслей бизнеса, используя богатый опыт веб-экспертизы и менеджмента IT-проектов в сочетании с передовыми технологиями.


At the beginning of 2013 Stalitsa FC futsal club was founded. Title sponsor of the club, SoftClub, addressed us a request to develop a website for the newly formed club. Key requirement stated that the website should be developed as soon as possible - in just 2 weeks.

Desired project characteristics were:

  • • information driven, news related nature of the website;
  • • fixtures and results table;
  • • top scorers table;
  • • ad slot for club sponsors;
  • • poll functionality for website visitors.


Since website had to be launched in mere 2 weeks, we decided to use a CMS Drupal 7 template and create unique design for it. We also used MySQL database since this combination allowed us to deliver the product under tight schedule and retain user-friendly nature of it, making it accessible for wider audiences.

Project team was 5 people strong: project manager, back- and front-end developers, designer and SEO specialist.

Besides initial development itself, our Customer needed post-launch consultation regarding SEO, further website development and functionality enhancements.


  • • PHP
  • • Drupal 7
  • • JavaScript
  • • HTML5
  • • CSS3
  • • MySQL


Website offers its users all the necessary information about Futsal Club Stalitsa. Home page features news feed, providing users with information about current futsal championship fixtures and news, as well as news regarding FC Stalitsa itself. We introduced fixtures and Results block, informing users about the latest game and the upcoming ones, championship standings table, top scorers table and polls block. As an extra we added Partners and Sponsors of FC Stalitsa section.

Once the project had been finished we developed and added a Stalitsa Live section to feature live match ticker of futsal championship games. Moreover, we developed a registration functionality so users could log in and leave comments in the section below website’s articles.


During 2 weeks’ worth of development we achieved the key requirement of creating a high quality product under tight schedule.

Customer requirements were met in full:

  • • FC-Stalitsa.by is a news website providing information on both futsal championship in general and FC Stalitsa in particular;
  • • championship standings and top scorers tables were introduced;
  • • ad slot for club sponsors was added;
  • • user poll functionality was featured.
  • During Support and Optimization stage after initial release we succeeded in attracting approximately 5000 unique daily visitors.


Our partner had recommended us Progressive Soft web development company, so we contacted them with a request to develop a website for us in the shortest time possible. Development team had succeeded and two weeks later we had fc-stalitsa.by go online.

On behalf of the management and the whole FC Stalitsa team I would like to express thanks to Progressive Soft for creating a high quality product. It is our pleasure to do business with young professionals, who know their trade and are capable of achieving results. We are glad we continue our cooperation.

A.P. Ahramovic
Chairman of the Executive Board

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