Мы разрабатываем прогрессивные решения для различных отраслей бизнеса, используя богатый опыт веб-экспертизы и менеджмента IT-проектов в сочетании с передовыми технологиями.


Finished project included website performance optimization of sports goods online store.

Main concern of the Customer he wanted to address during our initial contact in June, 2015 was long page loading speed of their website Home page took 12 seconds to load, while a catalogue page took 26. This led to negative impact on user behaviour: high percentage of rejections and finished sessions both during website loading time and searching for desired items.

Understandably, long page loading time was the main problem the Customer wanted solved.


Website audit showed that the website of the Customer was developed on PrestaShop platform and included more than 3000 items long catalogue, news pages, sales, promotional and events section as well as a newsletter tool.We managed to figure out the main reason for long page loading time: website server was overloaded.

Then we carried out an analysis why it was overloaded and concluded that:

  • • Apache web server in use was taking about 50% of the process time and RAM;
  • • outdated PHP 5.3 version was used as Apache web server module;
  • • obsolete, basic configuration version of MySQL 5.2 database management system was used;
  • • website lacked caching system.

Our team efficiently carried out the necessary changes in just 2 days:

  • 1. A switch to Nginx web-server and its optimization taking into consideration website characteristics and high user figures;
  • 2. PHP update to version 5.6 and interpreter replacement in favor of a more efficient, higher performance php-fpm one;;
  • 3. Database management system replacement in favor of new MariaBD 10 and its optimization in accordance with project needs;
  • 4. Installation of Memcached data caching system and relevant website configuration;
  • 5. Introduced Cloudflare DNS content caching server connectivity.


  • • PHP
  • • Drupal 7
  • • JavaScript
  • • HTML5
  • • CSS3
  • • MySQL


Thanks to the changes we’d introduced, Home page loading speed dropped to just 1.2 seconds, while catalogue page loading speed was reduced to 2 seconds. Server loading time was reduced to 60%. This allowed the Customer to retain active users, who visit their online store daily and moreover, switch to a more economic plan.


Project summary concludes that the goal set by the Customer was reached in the shortest time possible: the e-commerce site underwent much needed optimization by the means of change in server technologies, introduction and configuration of caching.

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