Test Automation Pros and Cons

Test Automation Pros and Cons


To automate project’s tests or not to automate? That’s one frequently asked question. Surely, getting rid of mundane, monotonous operations is very tempting, yet to find out whether automation for your project is viable or not, you have to consider all the pros and cons.

Let’s start with the Pros of test automation:

  • It saves time;

Autotests are executed much faster than manual ones. Scripts enable cycle testing of a system in a set sequence.

  • It eliminates human factor;

Autotests are executed identically, which rules out mistakes, made during manual testing.

  • Visualization;

Test automation enables creation of reports based on executed test results.

  • Self-sufficiency;

While autotests are running, one can pay attention to other important tasks.

Main Cons of test automation:

  • Considerable resource expenses on tests’ code development.

Autotest coding requires certain skills, instruments and time before showing results.

  • Autotests code support;

Autotests require timely code support to be in accordance with the ever-changing code of a developed system.

  • Autotests ‘inadvertence’ to minor errors, which might be crucial for a customer.

Tests executed strictly  follow the pre-set scenario, excluding  finding faults, which might be discovered during manual testing.

Having considered the upper-mentioned pros and cons, one can make a preliminary decision on whether test automation is viable for their project. In case the project is of a moderate size or the cons outweigh the pros, it is best to put automation aside, since it would be but a waste of resources. If the pros override the cons, one should decide what should be automated and how it should be done, it is impractical to try and automate the whole testing part of the project.


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