Template vs Custom website design - Pros and Cons

Template vs Custom website design - Pros and Cons


When developing a website one encounters a dilemma - whether to buy a design Template (in some cases it’s available for free) or order custom design.

NB! An increasing number of web studios practice selling design templates as an exclusive, custom made design, for 10 to 15 times of its value. I’m not going to say anything negative about these shady practices, every studio does business as they see fit, but I am appalled by this tendency. I consider relationships with customers as the cornerstone of my code of business conduct; sooner or later customers find out real value of their website which leads to the loss of client.

Last week I’ve been in contact with a potential european client who wanted to use a design template to reduce the cost of the project.

Let’s analyze why international clients and our ‘cutting-edge’ web studios are getting more and more interested in template design solutions.

When a template is the right fit?

Templates are an effective solution for small businesses with moderate IT infrastructure budget.

Template pros:

  • low price

in case the template you’ve chosen fits your needs, you can edit text yourself, leaving only installation of the template on your webserver to cross off the list. We recommend Active, we’ve been working with them issue-free for 5 years.

  • finished product preview

final look of your website is available before purchasing and editing the template;

  • fast to develop

if your text and images are ready to use, filling a template with data might take but a few hours;

  • wide range of templates available

design template websites have been on the market for years. Internet search will provide you with a suitable template, in accordance with your color scheme and overall website theme;

  • there is no design development and approval stage which takes a lot of time.

Template cons:

  • code quality; not every template is of good quality and are fit for further development;

  • if you are planning to use images that go with the template, check if they are included in the price or sold separately.

V-Sage company recommendations on choosing a design template and filling it with content:

  • when choosing a template, pay attention to its structure, it must suit your needs as fully as possible, for structural edits and addition of extra blocks of content may lead to price increase;

  • read template reviews on seller’s website;

  • frequently encountered problem: filling a template with content. Study design templates carefully and consider whether you’ll be able to fill all the blocks with content.

    • quality texts and data on your site should be kept simple and communicate your thoughts clearly.

Once your website is ready, remember: it needs Technical Support, it’s recommended you perform security vulnerability checks once a month, constantly released security updates are to be installed or sooner or later your website will sport unwarranted ads, links, up to pornography advertisments, which mean website penalties.


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